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Heading Relay Game

Exercise Objectives:
This practice is structured to improve the technical ability of "Heading"  the ball on the run. An emphasis is placed on "accuracy".   

Coaching Pointers:
In an area 10 yards x 10 yards, players alternate receiving the ball from the server. The receiving player must head the ball back to the server and only scores a point for each header played back to the servers hands.  After each header the receiver must turn and join the end of the group. 

The server must throw a high looped serve to the receiving player. The ball should be served approximately 5 yards. If the server throws the ball too far the receiving player will not come to meet the ball. With a correct serve the receiving player is always encouraged to attack the ball. 

The coach should emphasize correct technique and slowly build up the tempo to game speed. Care must be taken to emphasize quality over speed. Create a competition between teams. Keep score and award points for the first team to reach 20 good headers or the team who can perform the most headers in one minute. 

Field Preparation
Small group of players
Area 10 x 10 yards
Cones or Flag poles
Supply of  Balls

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