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The Referees section provides great tips, insights and specials topics for members interested in refereeing.

Our Refereeing expert is Julian Carosi, with 10 years experience as a Referee and an
FA Referees’ Instructor from England.
Inside you will find complete chapters on Decision-Making on the Field of Play:
A comprehensive guide on the Fourth
Official's role: A guide on how to deal with
the “Technical Area”: Gamesmanship: Diffusing Dissent: and Practical Tips, as well as a referees’ hand signal chart. This area is a must for anyone interested in improving their refereeing skills or understanding the art and psychology of officiating.
Learn more from our Referee Expert

Decision Making
Diffusing Dissent
Outside Influences
Refereeing Signals
A comprehensive Guide on the Fourth Officials role
The Bench- How to Deal with the Technical Area

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