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Scouting is a very important responsibility
for any serious coach. It requires a great deal of time in assessing the opponent as a group and as individuals, and then analyzing the
data to enable you to create a realistic training environment that is specifically designed to compete against the opponent.

The Scouting the Opposition section is the
perfect tool to assist you when analyzing your opponents strengths and weaknesses.
The content covers all the important areas
you need to consider such as, Why scout?, How to examine attacking and defensive tendencies, psychological factors, physical traits, a scouting check list, team evaluation charts and full and half field printable scouting diagrams.
  What is the system used by your opponent and how does effect your team?

Why Scout?
Team Shape
Attacking Tendencies
Defensive Tendencies
Psychological factors
Physical Traits
Practical Tips
Scouting Check List
Player Evaluations
Team Evaluations
Field Diagrams


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