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The Soccer Injuries section takes an in depth
look at a variety of the most common injuries
and how to prevent and treat those injuries.

Go to the “Training Room” designed by Mike Walden, our Sports Injury Therapist for a
virtual diagnosis of over 100 soccer injuries.
You will be provided information on the causes, symptoms and information that is relevant for treatment and rehabilitation. In addition topics
such as, What’s in a Medical Kit, What to do
when there is an injury, How to deal with Lacerations, Strains, Sprains, Head Injuries,
Nose Bleeds and Environmental Illnesses.
The Muscles of the Body section provides you with 62 great illustration of every major muscle group.

  The Treatment Room
90 Injuries Diagnosed
62 Muscle Illustrations
Foot and Toe Injuries
Leg and Ankle Injuries
Knee Injuries
Thigh Injuries
Back Injuries
Neck Injuries
Abdominal Injuries
Rib and Chest Injuries
Shoulder Injuries
Elbow Injuries
Hand Injuries
Medical Kit Check List

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