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Strength Training will allow your players to accelerate quickly, run fast for a long time,
reduce injuries and be an all round stronger athlete. Increased strength permits the player to: produce more powerful contractions (they
can accelerate quicker due to a more powerful push-off); produce muscle contractions more rapidly (they can run faster); and do the same
work at a lower percentage of their maximum strength (they can continue exercise for a
longer period of time). 

This section will show you a variety of strength training programs such as the Body Weighted Circuit, a variety of weight lifting exercises,
muscle charts and recommended exercises for each muscle group and training terminology.

  Strength Training
Lifting Techniques
Muscle Charts
Body Weighted Circuit
BW Dips
Abs (90 degree Crunch)
Split Squat Jump
Elevated Push Ups
Abs (Plank Hold)
Alternating Lundge
Diamond Push Ups
Abs (Reverse Crunch)
Squat Jumps
Abs (Butterfly Crunch)

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