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Before a soccer game or practice, players
should stretch as part of their warm-up.
Stretching loosens up the body, helps warm the muscles, and allows the joints to operate through their maximum range of motion without injury. A cool down helps return the muscle fibers to pre-exercise condition.

The Warm Up and Cool Down section provides an in depth look into how and
why warm ups are important in preparing the body for a higher energy production
and preventing injury. This sections also provides you with a large variety of stretching techniques and a selection of games you can use to make your warm ups fun and
different for each session.
  Warm Up's should be fun, practical and prepare the players for the activity ahead.

Correct Stretching
14 Stretching Exercises
Cool Down's
Fun Warm Up Games
The Team Warm Up
Dynamic Stretching
Two Player Warm Ups
Practice Warm Up's
Pre- Game Warm Up's
Chain Relay
Odds and Evens
Circle Sprints
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