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The "Player Preparation" section looks at the
game through the "players eye's". It provides players with a professional insight into important aspects they need to develop to
be an all round complete player.

This area examines players responsibilities
on game day such as, equipment needs, looking after their equipment, dealing with
team selections, respecting officials and
being a good sportsman. In addition
information is provided for developing a
"soccer life style", an area every player
should consider seriously. Print hands out
to give to your team and help them become more complete all round players.

A good sportsmanship is a player who praises teammates when they do well and who comforts and encourages them when they make mistakes.

Equipment Care
Shoe Treatment
Kit Bag Check List
Soccer Lifestyle
Respecting Officials
Being a Good Sport
Dealing with the Coach
Playing Fair
Respecting Opponents

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