What Coaches are saying about SoccerClinics.com

If you are interested in coaching football or want to start coaching football, then I can thoroughly recommend SoccerClinics.com. It will really help you improve your coaching and your players
enjoyment of playing and training"
Tony Pulis, Manager of Stoke City FC, English Premier League. 
" This is the best on line coaching resource I have seen. The site is very comprehensive and the superbly animated sessions make it so easy to visualize and understand the session before you go out and coach. This will make a real difference for all coaches, whatever the level".
Gerry Armstrong the Northern Ireland hero of the World Cup in Spain 1982 a player with Spurs and Real Mallorca, assistant manager to Northern Ireland and now the expert summarizer for Sky's Spanish Football says about our coaching website.

"If you want to continue your passion and love for the game and at the same time improve your knowledge and skills as a coach. Take the two step approach, visit The ICA website and then join the International Coaches Association. You can't miss. All you can do is win, win, and then win again"
Brian Halliday - Former Coaching Advisor to the Irish Football Association and the Producer and Co- host of Inside Soccer on World Talk Radio.

The professionalism and use of the latest in technology graphics, as well as the width and breadth of the resources this membership provides, is both innovative and unparalleled.
Ian McDonald Head Men's Soccer Coach,
Washington & Jefferson College , PA, USA

Soccerclinics.com has been a great resource for my keepers, parents, and coaches. Many of the youth coaches that I have directed to Soccerclinics.com say that it helps take the guess work out what is appropriate for their players and how to create a fun soccer learning environment.
Christian Benjamin
Owner of
NCAA D1 College Coach, Youth Clinician, Olympic Development, USA

Although only a member of the site a short period of time, I have found all areas beneficial for taking the women's game in my area beyond its current high levels. All the information found to date has proven most useful. By far the most superior soccer website for coaches.  
Michael Beckett
Head Coach
North West Sydney Koalas
North West Sydney Women's Soccer Association Inc

My name is Christian Ljung and I am a trainer for a team of 15 and 16 years old players. I have been a Goalkeeper in Helsingborgs IF and Raa IF. Goalkeeping training is my specialty and the club I belong to is named Raa IF and we are located in Helsingborg . As a youth trainer I have had a lot of help from The ICA website. The recommendations on the different tactical strategies, goalkeeping and all the different training exercises with animations are perfect for a trainer like me, it opens up my eyes a little and give me a push in the right direction every now and then. It also makes me more focused and more safe on my trainings and matches with the team, it feels like I am always upgraded because of my regular visits to the site. The Resource Center site is also a good help for everyone.
Christian Ljung
Helsingborg, Sweden


Dear ICA,
Just wanted to take moment of your time and congratulate your staff on a great job they have done in the construction and presentation of the new site. Presenting all the information the sport of Soccer has to offer is a large task and your staff has completed this in a professional manner.
Presently, I will be coaching 2 teams and was asked to become an Assistant Coach for my son’s team. Frankly, I was having a problem with “Coaching” in general I have played soccer since I was 16 years old  and I am 44 now, but, taking a player and switching roles to coaching it tends to be overwhelming at times. Thinking to myself, Where do I begin? What is the skill level of an 8-9 or 12-13 year old girl? What do I need to do as a coach? All my questions were answered on the website which I frequently access.

After the site had its upgrade I was very upset about paying for information that I could find in a library or on other sites through the internet. After paying the fee and accessing the site I was very impressed. This will save me a lot time and money. The ICA is an outstanding resource provided by your staff and well worth a small yearly fee. I hope The ICA continues operating, you have out did any site that I have seen on the internet. Again, great job!
Thank You for being professional.  
Coach Dana Tiderington 
Piqua Youth Soccer
Ohio, USA


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"If you are interested in coaching football or want to start coaching football, then I can thoroughly recommend SoccerClinics.com. It will really help you improve your coaching and your players
enjoyment of playing and training".

Tony Pulis, Manager of Stoke City FC, English Premier League.