Pro Crossing and Finishing Drill     



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Exercise Objectives:
There are so many coaching points to emphasize in this great attacking practice. Crossing, timing of runs,
attacking heading and shooting. This is a great practice for technically equipped players.
Field Preparation:
 Entire Team
  Area 30 yards x 30 Yards
 Supply of Balls, Cones, Bibs
 Full Size Goals with Goalkeepers
Coaching Pointers:
Divide your group into two teams. Identify each team using different colored bibs. One team provides
the service, while the other team works on finishing. On the outside (yellow team) are placed at three stations.
Station 1, the player passes the ball wide to the winger, then follows and takes his place.
Station 2
, the wide player checks for the ball, turns and passes the ball to the player at station 3.
Station 3, the player lays the ball back for the wide player to cross (preferably on his first touch).
The wide player move onto station 3. The player at station 3 moves to the opposite side to station 1.

The attacking player alternate attacking the goal in pairs. Work on cross over runs, attacking both front
and back post. Time runs, don't get too early!. Space, Ball Delivered, then the Run, In that order!

Rotate group roles after 10 minutes.

Focus on:

 Quality Crossing. Out swinging crosses with pace.
 Timing of the runs.
 Decisive finishing, both ground and aerial.
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