College Pre-Game Warm Up               


Dynamic Stretch Routine. The Pre-Game warm up begins
with a dynamic stretch routine. All of the exercises are done whilst
moving across the grid and back again, the coach or the captain sets
the tempo, and rhythm at all times. After this phase is done, the players work individually for 2 minutes on static stretching, addressing their own personal needs.

Field Preparation

2 even groups
Area 20 x 20 yards

Dynamic Stretch Sequence takes 15 Minutes.

1. Warm Up Jog
2. Heel Touches
3. Knee Touches
4. Knee, Heel Touches
5. Arms back, front and clap
6. Thighs, Chest, Head
7. Side Step Forward
8. High Kicks
9. Trunk Twists
10. Carioca
11. Side Jacks
12. Inside Feet
13. Side Swings
14. Thigh, Thigh, Heel, Heel
15. Back Steps
16. Sky Stretch

Ball Work and Quick Reaction Sequence. The entire group now works in a much tighter area. All of the exercises are done whilst moving across the grid and back again, the coach or the captain sets the tempo, and rhythm at all times. The tempo begins slowly but is rapidly accelerated to match pace as soon as possible. Players should
be talking and encouraging each other to prepare their minds for the
game as well and their bodies.

Field Preparation

2 even groups
Area 10 yards x 10 yards


Ball Work and Quick Reaction Sequence takes
5 -10 Minutes.

1. Pass and Follow
2. Pass "One Touch" Follow
3. Pass "Two Touch" Follow
4. "Give and Go "One Touch"
5. Double "Give and Go"
6. Dribble and Take Over
7. Dribble with Pace
8. 2 Yard Rapid Passing

The pace starts slowly but must be increased to a "flat out" effort
as quickly as possible. Look for leadership in your group warm ups. See what players are motivating others during the warm up.

Game Related Possession Sequence.  The final sequence of the pre-game warm up is a 10 minute possession game to simulate match play. In this drill, your starting 10 outfield players, play
4 v 4 plus 2. Whichever team of 4 has possession gets the 2 extra
player to make it 6 v 4. Play is restricted to 20 yards x 20 Yard area.

Field Preparation

Starting 10 players ( 4 v 4 + 2)
Area 20 yards x 20 yards
Cones, Balls, Bibs.

Game Related Possession Sequence
takes 10 Minutes.

Players should focus on the  following key points:

Quality Passing Technique
Support near the Ball
Support away from the Ball
Distance and Angles
Disguise and Dribbling
Tempo "Game Like"
When to play "one touch"
When to put foot on the ball.
Team Communication.

After 10 minutes, bring all players in and re-hydrate before game. Your team should be fully prepared to play at this point!

The Goalkeepers Pre-Game Warm Up
Let's not forget the Goalkeeper!
Your Goalkeepers
should be going through their own rigorous pre-game
warm sequence, in harmony with the field players.
Log onto to see a detailed pre-game warm routine used
by the worlds top goalkeepers.

Step One: Stretching
Step Two: Getting a feel for the ball.
Step Three: Serve skipping balls.
Step Four: Progress to two servers.
Step Five: Two shooters each side.
Step Six: Crosses and distribution.
Step Seven: Close range serves.
Step Eight: High serves edge of box.
Step Nine: Two shooters edge of box.


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